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Administrative team

Etienne Li : administration
Stéphane Hivert : touring    s.hivert(at)
Camille Denisty : production / communication    c.denisty(at)
Marylise Hergué : audivisual production, partnerships m.hergue(at)


Press and RP

Sébastien d'Assigny : Sébastien d'Assigny
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Artistic Team


After graduating from Penninghen (ESAG) in artistic direction, Vincent Chazal has been working since 1992 as a graphic designer, VFX / AD and motion designer, notably in post-production, for Première Heure, St Louis and recently at Bizaroïd. As a multifaceted professional, he is curious about new technologies, he likes to «cook» images, experi- menting with a variety of techniques, media and software to get off the beaten track. He has collaborated with Jean-Paul Goude, Marc Caro, Tran Anh Hung, Barnaby Roper (The Dress, 2017), Eric Minh Cuong Castaing (L’Âge d’Or, Audi Talent Awards 2018), Jean-Vincent Puzos, etc. He has worked with Blanca Li on various projects in the past twenty years. 


Pierre Attrait
Pierre Attrait, stage designer:

After studying literature and art history, Pierre Attrait collaborated on numerous theater productions as an assistant and actor with Gabriel Monnet, Georges Lavaudant, and Daniel Mesguich. He became an assistant at the Opéra de Paris and at the Aix-en-Provence festival, then began creating his own shows. In Canada, he received the award for best stage production in 1989 for Andréa Chénier and later for La Traviata. Pierre Attrait has contributed as a set designer to numerous films for the cinema and television, including Ready to wear, by Robert Altman, Le Petit Marguery, by Laurent Bénégui, Un chat dans la gorge, by Jacques Otmezguine, C'est la tangente que je préfère, by Charlotte Silvera, Pas à pas, by Blanca Li... For the theater, he has designed, among others, Cahier du retour au pays natal, by Jacques Martial, L'Échange, by Sarah Sanders, Liens de sang, by Jean-Michel Martial, and Folies coloniales, by Dominique Lurcel. He has worked several times previously on shows and events by Blanca Li: Corazón Loco, Poeta en Nueva York, Le Jardin des Délices, and La Fête de la danse. As the artistic director of the Marcadé agency, which is specialized in staging luxury events and in film, Pierre Attrait has collaborated in creating events (fashion shows, perfume launches, presentation of a luxury jewelry collection, Festival de Cannes...), notably for the LVMH group, Bvlgari, Cartier... He has also been the artistic director of the Bal de la Rose since 1995, collaborating in that position with Alfredo Arias, Karl Lagerfeld, Pedro Almodovar...


Charles Carcopino, video designer:

Charles Carcopino, a specialist in digital cultures, alternately curates exhibitions and creates visual work for the stage. He works as a videographer with directors from all horizons, and integrates his projected images with the visual conception of the stage space. Charles Carcopino was the artistic director of the Studio at the Créteil Maison des Arts et de la Culture, a centre for the creation and production of images for live performance and digital installations. In that context, he has worked with numerous artists and directors, designing video installations and interactive set-ups for many projects: operas, dance works, musical comedies, plays, concerts and festivals, video installations for exhibitions and mappings for events. He was also the curator for the international festivals EXIT (Maison des Arts in Créteil) and VIA (Maubeuge, Mons), and his exhibitions have travelled throughout France and abroad. He is also an independent curator for a number of events (Lille 2004, Expérience Pommery #9, the Croisement festival in China, Lille 3000, Mons 2015, and La Villette...). Firmly rooted in today’s world, his exhibitions explore the effects of the acceleration of the post-internet society in every field of contemporary creativity.



Tao Gutierrez
Tao Gutierrez, composer:

Born in Granada, after studying in Madrid, he moved to New York and completed his music education in Percussion, Electronic Music and Composition in NYC, with Bob Norton, Dan Carrillo, Ron Carter among others.

After 11 years in N.Y., where he had the chance to collaborate with very well known artists and musicians, he returned to Spain. There he has worked in a long list of Film scores, (Poniente, Le Défi, Return to Hansala, Pas à Pas...) He also has been producing and recording for various artists, and is responsible for the composition of the music in a long list of works for Blanca Li ́s Dance Company, that include Robot, Deesses et Demones, Poeta en Nueva York, Elektrokif and others. His career has received numerous awards, such as best Soundtrack, at Montpellier, Malaga, Guadalajara, Cairo, Valladolid film festivals and others.
As well as his career in film, he has worked extensively in theatre, creating the music and songs for very succesful shows such as El Eunuco and Tito Andronico, for the Roman Theatre Festival of Merida, where it won Best Show of the season, Best Music, and made an all-time audience record. He also created El Interprete, a success in theaters all over Spain and Latin America that has been selling out for the last four years.

Caty Olive lights design

Having trained in stage design at the École nationale supérieure des Arts décoratifs in Paris, Caty Olive creates luminous spaces. She works equally in dance and opera performance, architecture, and the visual arts. Through this preference for diverse activities, Caty Olive pursues highly specific investigations into the movements of light. Her interest in open questions about space has led her to work occasionally with art school students. She has participated in dance projects for the contemporary stage with Marco Berrettini, Christophe Haleb, Martine Pisani, Myriam Gourfink, Emmanuelle Huynh, Claudia Triozzi, Vera Mantero, Tiago Guedes, David Wampach, Donata D’Urso, Cindy Van Acker, Joris Lacoste, and Christian Rizzo. She is engaged in ongoing collaborations with Guillaume Parent as part of the Zélé agency; Samantha Barroero/Hold on, who accompanies some of her projects; and Christian Rizzo and the association Fragile, since 2000, in the field of choreography and other various domains.

Laurent Mercier costumes

Laurent Mercier is a fashion designer and costume designer born in Switzerland.
He has designed couture fashion collections under his own label Laurent Mercier Deluxe for many years. After completing his studies as fashion designer at Studio Berçot in Paris, he becomes an assistant designer for Jean Paul Gaultier from 1989 to 1991, and for Escada from 1991 to 1993. After launching and designing his own Laurent Mercier Deluxe line of ready to wear fashion from 1999 to 2002, collecting awards from ANDAM, LVMH or the prestigious Yves St Laurent haute couture special prize, he pursues his personal designs under the name of Laurent Mercier Haute Couture , with fashion shows in Paris (Galliera Museum), Niamey (Niger), Luzern (Switzerland) or for the Tokyo fashion week.
He was hired as artistic director of the Morgan ready to wear brand in 2001 and becomes the artistic director of the Balmain, first for ready to wear collections in 2001 then for haute couture collections after Oscar de la Renta retires, from 2002 until 2003.
As a costume designer, he has designed the Lenny Kravitz stage costumes and been his stylist for all music videos and publications from 1993 to 1997. He is also responsible for the stylism and costume design of numerous CD covers, music videos or advertising campaigns by artists such as Blanca Li, Nina Hagen, Sylvie Vartan, Vanessa Paradis, Indochine, Lolo Ferrari, Blur, working regularly with photographers and directors such as Pierre et Gilles, Jean Baptiste Mondino, Don Cameron or Ali Mahdavi.
He has been the costume designer for feature films such as “Doberman” by Jan Kounen, “Le Défi“ and “Pas à Pas” by Blanca Li, or “Une Chance sur Deux” by Patrice Leconte.
As stage costume designer, he has designed most of the shows of Compagnie Blanca Li, among which Macadam, Macadam, the Garden of Earthly Delights, Corazon Loco, and more recently, was hired as costume designer for the Opera Gianni Schicchi by Puccini at the Marinsky Theater in St Petersburg
More recently, he has performed onstage in the Mugler Follies revue in Paris daily for more than one year.