Solstice / 2017

Création à Chaillot en septembre 2017 avec 14 danseurs et un musicien (plus d'informations sur les interprètes ici).
Mise en scène et chorégraphie Blanca Li
Musique Tao Gutierrez
Scénographie, dramaturgie Pierre Attrait
Vidéo Charles Carcopino
Lumières Cathy Olive
Costumes Laurent Mercier

Production et Diffusion Chaillot - Théâtre National de la Danse


Elektrik / 2017

Elektro Kif

Elektro Kif / 2010

2012 UK TOUR with Dance Touring Partnership (LINK)
Choreography with 8 electro dancers

Created in december, 2010 (Theatre of Colombes)
Show for all type of audience. Duration time: 1h10 min
(Young audiences sessions possible)

Le Jardin des Délices

Le Jardin des Délices / 2009

Show for 9 dancers and a pianist
Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s painting
Created in June 2009 at the Montpellier Dance Festival
Duration time: 85 mn

Show currently touring: 70 representations since its creation.
2010-2011 season under construction (archives of the 2009-2010 season)

Poète à New York

Poète à New York / 2007

Show for 21 dancers, 2 singers, 8 musicians
Created in July 2007 in Granada (Spain), Alhambra Gardens
Duration time: 90 mn

Poeta en New York is created in July 2007 in Granada (Spain), Alhambra Gardens.
Blanca Li has received the Premio Max award in Spain for best choreography (equal to the "Tony awards" in USA or "Moliere" prizes in France).

Corazón Loco

Corazón Loco / 2007

Show for 6 dancers, 8 singers and 1 percusionist
Premiered at Odyssud, Blagnac on January 2007
Duration time: 90 mn


Alarme / 2004

A patchwork of 8 independant elements for 8 dancers.
Premiere: Biennale de la danse 2004
Duration time: 90 mn

L’Amour Sorcier / Al Andalús

L’Amour Sorcier / Al Andalús / 2004

Ballet for 10 dancers
Originally created for the Nancy Opera in 1997
The ballet was taken up by the Compagnie Blanca Li in partnership with the Massy Opera and the Granada International Festival in 2004.
Timing : 30 mn


Borderline / 2002

For 13 dancers
Created at the Berlin Komische Oper in June 2002.
French premiere : September 2002, Maison des Arts de Créteil.
Timing : 75 mn

Zap ! Zap ! Zap !

Zap ! Zap ! Zap ! / 2000

A one woman show
Created at Maison de la Musique de Nanterre in june 1998.
Timing : 70 mn

Macadam Macadam

Macadam Macadam / 1999

Musical show for 11 hip hop dancers, roller skaters and biker.
Premiere: Festival Suresnes Cités Danse in 1999
Recreated in January 2006 at the Mogador Theater and Massy Opera.
Duration time: 70 mn

Globe de Cristal 2007 for best choreography (Opera / Dance).
(Award of the french press)

Le Songe du Minotaure

Le Songe du Minotaure / 1998

Ballet for 8 or 24 dancers
Duration time: 65 min


Stress / 1997

For 8 dancers-actors
Created in January 1997 in Suresnes.
Timing : 60 mn


Salomé / 1995

For 8 dancers, 1 actor, 2 trapezists, 1 soprano, 5 musicians
Crated at the Quartz in Brest in october 1995.
Timing : 90 mn

Nana et Lila

Nana et Lila / 1993

For 8 dancers and 5 musicians
Created in 1993 at the Festival Trans Europe in Berlin, with the support of the Fondation Beaumarchais (SACD).
Timing : 60 mn

Awarded the “Coup de cœur du Off” at the Avignon Festival "off".
The company’s first creation has been presented more 150 times in France and abroad since 1996. Shown at the Universal Exposition of Sevilla in 1993. The critics agreed on finding in the ballet power and bewitchment.